Our story

Our brand’s story starts with the insight into the fascinating world of kids’ fashion. Having reached a certain age, every girl starts thinking about beautiful outfits. At first, it’s doll’s dresses and suits of favorite superheroes and other comic-related outfits. And later, girls start picking their clothing style with accordance to their mood. Yami Yami Girls make sure that every girl can find the best peace of clothing to express herself.

While growing up girls develop their own clothing style and start following various fashion trends. At this point the help of experienced guide is needed. From the moment of its’ establishment Yami Yami Girls has been trying to help fashionable girls not get lost while choosing an outfit and to find their unique bright style.

We’d like to make friends and have a exciting trip to the fascinating world of fashion together.

Yami Yami Girls was established in 2014 by designer Yami Imadzaki. Nowadays it’s an affinity group united by one common goal: to make children happy. Since the moment of establishment we’ve seen ourselves as fashionable, comfortable and organic kids clothing makers. Our first collection was produced in 2015-16 for girls of 8-12 years old. In the meantime we’ve also realised that 5 year-old girls are interest d in fashion as well. Then, we added comfortable and bright models for girls from 5 to 8. And what about the teenagers? They want to dress up in style and with accordance to the modern trends. Taking that into account, we’ve started making clothes for girls from 13-14 too. Thus, Yami Yami Girls collection offers clothing for girls from 5 to 14.
Our range is growing with new models being made every week. We produce limited collections so a girl is unlikely to meet a friend in the same outfit.

Children first and foremost
Children first and foremost is our credo. We are absolutely absorbed and inspired while working on our new models for little fashionistas. The feeling girls will have while wearing our clothes is one of our prerogatives.
Children are first and foremost for Yami Yami Girls and the clothes we make express our love for them. We want children to feel comfortable and fun.

The importance of safety
For Yami Yami Girls safety is very important. For our clothing items we use fabrics from organic staple only. Our products being 100% organic is the key to comfort and safety. Children’s skin being very gentle and sensitive, so we do our best for our clothes not to cause any skin irritation or discomfort.

Our philosophy
We believe that kids clothing should be made in accordance with kids needs. Our goal is girls being able to express their potential and personality wearing Yami Yami Girls clothes. It is our conviction that bright and stylish clothing isn’t only for special occasions but for everyday life as well. Kids needs clothes which allow them to move freely, express themselves and boldly explore this wonderful world. We want every girl to find her own style which corresponds to her inner self accentuating her beauty and personality.